by Peace Arrow

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"Raw and vivid and unpredictable." ~ Impose Magazine

"[L]ike Elverum’s, Myers’ experimental bedroom compositions are wildly endearing, carefully manufactured with intricate personal detail, allowing us listeners a glimpse inside his psyche. He’s got a knack for layers, as well as understanding how they can play off each other in unorthodox ways, masquerading acoustic guitar compositions in complex arrangements and passing them off as epics in miniature. And he’s really freaking good at it." ~ Critical Masses

"Then on to the album's last deep trip, 'Directions'. It is simply a song to lose yourself into. Take it straight, altered, enhanced; regardless it is simply an indulgence that envelops you, and begs you to give your headspace up to it. Similarly to 'Turn Back', it has the sweetest melody pinning it all together. The songs clarion line, 'life doesn't turn out the way you hoped it would. It’s OK', will easily become many's new tattoo. And so to the end, and 'Gems'. A perfect, sweet, uplifting, sharp end, to a delightful, enticing, rewarding, subtly glorious album. What a wonderful trip." ~ The Sound of Confusion

"As the capabilities of technology increase and experimental music continues to push boundaries, Peace Arrow is a perfect example of the innovation of experimental musicians. Myers’ skill in blending traditional qualities with original sounds creates something that can best be described as peaceful, elegant, and beyond the ordinary. The arrows in the album title reflect the same tone as the music : balance." ~ Katuwapitiya

"Though Mitch has been making Peace Arrow more melodic than his original project Hear Hums, the beginning of this track starts with a mixture of bowed banjo drones, finger-picked guitar rifts, and a simple kalimba scale that keeps you grounded as you get submerged into an ocean of low tones. The build leads you into a soundscape while Mitch’s voice guides you through the articulately messy swamps and caverns that he has created for you to explore." ~ PORTALS

"Perish the thought that Animal Collective didn’t fill the oddball pop quota with ‘Centipede Hz’, an influx of new bands inspired by their tye-dye psychedelia are emerging out of the cracks. Peace Arrow are the finest. " ~ This is Fake DIY


released June 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Peace Arrow Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Broken Bridge
my chest it hurts can we take it slow
there's many foot steps still ahead to go
if you are dreaming years and years down the road
stop making it so difficult to say no
this bridge we march on connects the gap
of the distant future and the recent past
i look behind you say we can't turn back
don't recognize the sights they change so fast
should take precaution where i land my feet
rustic nails line loosened planks withering
no bloody toes could catch my daydream eye
always forever gazing up to the sky
creaking, these weakened boards we're walking towards
are weeping, they once were trees but now they're nothing more
than a bridge we use to navigate
our novel comforts yet escape
this madness we inherited
what's stopping us from stopping it
we can be afraid, avert our eyes
or unite, unwind, and organize
it wouldn't have such weight if we weren't holding on so tight
i need your help
i can't let go
let go
Track Name: Your Hands
you're up late in the night with morning on your mind there's no escape in sight, how does he sleep at night
the service you provide, your hard work and your time bought a pent house for his love child while you live in a trash pile
just a decade ago, it was his sweat and bones he reassures himself in the mirror of his home
his fortress is a glove that's splattered with the blood of less fortunate men dying to provide for their sons
he's entitled, because he tells himself he's entitled and he won't give it up
he takes off the glove, rinses and trades with the next aristocrat it fits, only when he will profit
it had dawned on him one day that rather than be a slave to some jaded snob's vision, he would start one of his own
but when calculating costs he was tied between a knot of providing living wages or more lavish vacations
his future's in your hands, he is dependent on wearing down your body whether you sit or stand
he's entitled, oh i think that he's in denial and he won't give it up
his future's in your hands, whether your sit or stand, whether you feel you can or can't, he hopes you don't comprehend
his future's in your hands, you can make a fist or open it, you can unlock doors of corridors where deals are made, reveal his game
his future's in your hands, you perpetuate what you hate, you lay the bricks of his fortress, with dreams you'll one day live comfortably
his future's in your hands, you can throw them up, enough's enough, what would he do without you, he needs your hands, he'll have to give in or give up
give it up
Track Name: Missing
you're free to fly away again
so why do you choose to be locked up instead
would it make it easier
if i was not standing here
will you stay til i return
is there not another for which you yearn
lately i feel i've gone astray
i'm wandering around in a dark, murky cave
chasing the bats
but i'm running too fast
don't know where i'm at
can't find my way back
when i'm in flight you're landlocked
are you okay, are you stuck
if i try i feel fine
i push it deep down inside
i am free from your cage
distance grows every day
how'd it end up this way
why did i fly away
Track Name: Doors
i'm more fixated on chipped paint reminders
than the broken window rendering me vulnerable
these walls i face each day, the window's veiled out of sight
i subscribe to reassuring lies, not the truth
the outflow of gas fumes are met at the cracks in the glass by a tempered rain
seeping in and down the windowsill i inhale the mold that soon takes shape
this mold is indulgence, this mold is apathy, this mold festers inside
despite the fact i know this i do little of anything, i'm reluctant to try
i hide from issues growing, cut corners when i should not be
afraid i'll fall behind my pace
choices that carry much weight is trashed cluttered in this place
that i should have taken care of
i'm in between the doorway of fixing what is broken and wallowing in mistakes
is this home filled with answers, etched in the walls, i wonder, i keep the lights off in this place
i've gotten in the routine of locking the door behind me and forgetting the key
you don't deserve this, countless times i'm helpless waiting at the door for you to let me in
but it's not your place
when doors are wide open you'll look in and you won't come back
Track Name: Running Away
i feel no warmth when the sun shines in
when it's reflecting, i feel darkness instead
i'm not ready to take this leap
it's not that this cliff appears too steep
but where i land i'll be met below
there will be no climbing back, this will become a home
i feel i'm taking this leap alone
because i didn't want to split at the fork in the road
the night creatures leach off the trash of the workers
to decorate their tapestries they hang from their shoulders
they blend in with shadows of ambiguity
so they can contradict their rhetoric against conformity
they look down and frown upon the colors of this town
though they wouldn't know what to do if they burned it down
despite this you want to stay
and i want to run away
we promised we'd meet half way
i know it's one we will break
i cursed your name for living on an island
far away from responsibility
i'm struggling to continue to deny it
that i too want to live on island
i cursed your game for giving into the game
leaving behind everything you hate
i'm struggling to hold these words inside me
that i envy you completely
i'm stuck in place, you won't change my mind
when you pull me forward, I'm staring behind
this inebriated backyard brings you to life
on sober nights i feel empty inside
your running in circles all the time
when you stop to breathe, you start to cry
in times i want to be light on my feet
you want to sit down and plant seeds
there are trees already grown on roads we've yet to go
so let's go
maybe we want the same things but reach them from different means
when we grow older and our vision is duller
will we recognize each other, will we scoff at one another
this town will go on, we'll have to move on
i'll pack my backs i swear i'll be gone
i hide that i don't have the same visions that you do
i don't know where i want to go
i don't know why i want to go, why do i have to leave
Track Name: Believers
industry turns its cranks every day
all of the waste that we create
the consequences are strangled out of view
in the name of pursuits we stomp on you i need to accept this truth
believers don't want to believe it
but there's something wrong with the world
and it's not in the hands of someone else, it's up to me
if each of nature's specimens go extinct, sure i blame
the corporate class and everything industrial
but i blame myself
though it's what they enacted
i admit i stood inactive
and this is what happened
innocent suffer from greed that prospers
the disease is viral, i fight my denial
that i inflict a wound and stick my hands in quick, thoughtless rip apart the hearts, outdated discard of those at rest, their lives oppressed
all for dreams i give meaning
i dug deep to roots of fallacy
believer's don't want to believe
but there's something wrong with the world
Track Name: So
i am so lucky to have the friends that i have
the closest of family who care so much about me
it's about time folks started having one another's backs
when this monstrous infrastructure targets and attacks
it manifests with petty arrests
suppressing the will of the already oppressed
who do they really protect
i forget that there's others who actually suffer
who don't look like the status quo television mold
i feel fairly safe wherever i go
in a privileged white male heterosexual world
you're beautiful to me, don't you stop being unique
and fuck what those jocks said in mid town
i am so lucky to be who i am
i forget this sometimes, i go to that dark hole in my mind
an unorganized place where i dispose of my hate
that drips out and slowly stains my relationships
i'm so sorry i hurt you
i am so, so, so, so, so
Track Name: Turn Back
it seems every one i meet
is in some way against what's happening
i don't think this system's broke
i think they made it this way intentionally
why did we go down this path
is there no turning back
to save home
each day we struggle with our fights
at night we're tired and come crashing down
problems we all face originate
in the same place, meanwhile the earth is hurting now
why did we go down this path
is there no turning back
to save home
in bed i am dreaming, i fought not to wake up
because outside my being there's a world that is fucked up
while hiding in my home trying to deny it
i assess if i've grown, my friends are out fighting
i'm so self absorbed working on music
i make up excuses to justify it
would it matter if i was someone else
a person that's no so obsessed with themselves
time is short the danger's real
how else will the planet heal
i'm nervous but i'll try to deal
when the world's torn apart
the privilege i fight to uphold
when my comfort is a blindfold
build the new before all this implodes
we've got to save our home, it's all we've got
Track Name: Directions
people don't grow up the way that you want them to
i didn't grow up to be who you wanted me to
the moment you're aware of a long stretch of deep breaths, beware
misfortune will prevail the moment you exhale, fare well
we're going in different directions
when life doesn't turn out the way you thought it would, it's okay
we're going in different directions
when life doesn't turn out the way you hoped it would, it's okay
Track Name: Gems
there are ragged roads ahead i need to go
my pace has slowed, can't stop but even so
my shoes are tangled up in vines
they're woven in a knot and tied
and these shoes of mine, i've worn for quite some time
they're stained with paint and blood, i don't know why
i've been inclined to keep them on
my feet have grown their use forgone
if i take them off, i would be free to walk
barefoot atop the ground, i never stop
to act upon these simple thoughts
and guide myself to what i've sought
there are birds that fly above me most the time
they are gems that shine brighter than all the light
the sun could ever bring to me
there's duller things i'm worshiping
i don't need this
there's forgotten codes i drew in the soil
the wind has blown, the storms keep me alone
like others who have walked this path
erasing all the former tracks
i don't need all the bright and shiny mesmerizing tempt of gems that pull me in
i dont need all the very scary weight they carry, not as light as thought from sight
i don't need this
i don't need all the pain, hate, and misery of wants and needs and obsessing
i don't need all the peace and glee they bring to me, a fleeting feeling i'm complete
i don't need this